Astrology Circle
Lindsey G

Astrology Circle

Lindsey G

Welcome to Astrology Circle

A place for us.

I started this community with a desire to create a place online where I could connect with others without the distractions of social media. A place where my clients, friends and peers could hang out and talk about this *magical* thing called Astrology.

It is my hope that this community grows into a network of loving souls sharing and supporting one another along their evolutionary journey.


Join for free!

Membership is free* and will remain that way indefinitely. 

*under the free plan does not include paid content or access to Campfire, my client only group. 


Quality over quantity

As of now this is a private group open to the public. Anyone may request or extend an invite to friends. Please keep in mind when inviting others that I am the sole moderator of the group and would like to keep this community somewhat close in nature. ❤️

At any time I feel the group has become unmanageable LG Astrology retains the right to bring on additional moderators and/or close the group to new members.  

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